Day Six

No road trip is complete without some sort of adventure.

I was about 2/3 through a 12 hr drive and stopped at a rest stop on the turnpike to walk the dogs, water them, and stretch my legs.

Got back into the truck, started it up, and watched the oil pressure gauge take a couple of ‘jumps’ and bottom out.

I turned it off and checked the oil. Oil was ok. Maybe the sender, maybe the oil pump? Dunno, but won’t risk driving it without oil pressure.

Towed to the local Ford Dealer, and found a pet friendly motel.

First (and last) time dogs had a plain burger from Ruby Tuesday for dinner, as I only brought food through this morning.

10 hours of well rested dogs in a hotel.

They need their rest…dogs at the ford dealer…that should be an adventure.



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