Good Read

Here is a post by a great trainer Lisa Price. My friend, Tim Gardner’s dogs are featured and his daughter took the pictures.

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Hunt Day

Today was a work day. By that I mean the dogs were guiding clients at our local preserve.

The clients were a father and son. The birds were 8 pheasants. The cover was switchgrass.

I have blaze orange jackets for both dogs. They add some warmth and visibility. My britts are mostly white, so visibility isn’t usually a problem. Except today. Last night we got a dusting of snow. It was warm, so this snow stuck to everything, including the switchgrass.

Fortunately, I can use the tone function on my Sport Dog collars to have some idea where the dog is in the switchgrass. This was helpful several times today.

The clients were friendly, cooperative, and decent shots. The dogs and I were able to show them all 8 birds. (Some of them multiple times). The last rooster somehow evaded our 3rd try at him. Still, the hunters were happy so I was happy.

The father in the team showed me his shotgun, a Parker the family gave him for Christmas. When they were packing up to leave, I told him if he accidentally left that Parker in my truck I was ok with that. A voice over my shoulder said, “the Outfitter gets first dibs, not the guide!”

Nim performed really well today. We’ve been focusing on steady in the yard lately, and it showed. Clients were impressed.

Sometimes, I get so focused on the dog and progress that I miss the very progress I am looking for. Today was not one of those days.

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Training day

Today started out as a cold rainy day off. So, what else would you do? Of course, go to Pheasant Valley Farm to do some training! Overall, it was a good day. Worked on some steady training with Nim and gave Shelby some time on the ground by herself. She pointed nicely and was super steady. Both are pretty amazing…at least to their handler.

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