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Last Event of the Year

The season is over. we have done our best to extend it beyond the normal hunting season with preserve hunts and competition. Today Nim and I participated in a new kind of event for us, a “Chukar Challenge.” It is a simulated hunt test, timed, pointing dogs must point, stop to flush, and retrieve to hand. Oh, and to score high the shooter must actually shoot the bird.

Nim performed really well. We ran as a single (one dog, one hunter). A good friend was our gunner in the team event (one dog, two hunters). I also gunned for his GSP Bella (a foreign, inferior, breed commonly called a German Shorthaired Pointer and despite her genetic limitations Bella, too, was outstanding…you do know I am kidding, right?).

This sort of thing is a scored event, not unlike AKC hunt tests, although the standards of performance more closely mimic a real hunt.

I don’t really remember how we scored. I was really pleased with Nim’s performance. His unmitigated joy while in the field is infectious. We had a great day.

While watching the final run, looking through my binoculars as my friend Tim and his other GSP “Prairie, were quartering through the course” I commented “a day like to day, in the field with a dog, is as good as it gets.” My friend’s wife said, “yeah, Tim says that too.” I thought for a moment and said, “only and idiot wouldn’t… (Pause for thought)…But I do know its a sickness.”

Did I mention that, to score high, the shooter must actually shoot the bird?

(Photos courtesy of Ms. Taylor Gartner)

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Today we were blessed to guide two young men, taken on this Hunt by their neighbor. I was impressed that this man, who has no kids of his own has taken these two boys under his wing. What a privilege to hunt with them.

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