Hunt Day

Today we guided a father and son on Pheasant Valley Farms. Son is new to hunting, Dad is returning to it after a long lay off. Nice to introduce them to this together.


Here Shelby points a bird all on her own. She is really staunch!


Here Nim is on point with Shelby backing in the switchgrass.




Spring is on the way

Today I took the dogs hunting in an attempt to make the best of the last few weeks of preserve hunting. Unfortunately I didn’t take the good camera along. Making our way along one of the rows of switchgrass, the dogs were moving too quickly, competition I guess. They almost passed up one of the chukkars planted in the cover. My male, Nim, spun around and locked up. The female, Shelby, who is a ‘backing fool’ was so close she didn’t know what to do but sit down and point over her shoulder. Quite comical.

We saw all 8 chukkars, shot 7, and added a stray rooster pheasant and as we were moving along the area bordering the hardwoods, a covey of quail. One flew into the open enough I could shoot at, and drop.

When we got to the preserve I was a little put off that I had 3 boxes of 12 gauge shells in the truck, but only 12 20 gauge shells. So I was serious with my shooting today. I prefer to use my CZ 20 OU at the preserve. Then, when on the last bird, a chukkar we re-flushed, my gun clicked and did not fire. I laughed and we left that bird for those who will hunt that hill tomorrow.

We made our way back to the truck for a long drink of water for the dogs. And as they drank, a few moments of awe for me.