A New Experience

A week ago my friends at American Brittany Rescue sent out an urgent appeal.  Seven Brits were removed from a breeder in western PA.  Two had significant health issues and stayed with a volunteer there.  The other five made their way to other fosters, two as far as New Jersay, one to our house.

Skye is an AKC Brit who is 7 years old.  For the first day she panted, paced incessantly, and cowered with any kind of attention.  She didn’t eat for two days.  She has no idea how to be a pet.  This is my first experience with fostering, but intiuition tells me she just needs a calm, secure environment to begin her adjustment to the ‘good life.’

Slowly she has been coming around.  It’s been a week and a half now.  She is eating, exploring the big, fenced, back yard on her own.  My two Brittanys accepted her quickly and she is getting much more comfortable with them.

Because of of her anxiety, I’ve been slowly and gently enforcing the house rules.  I see, in the faces of my other Brits, the same face I made at my fatherwhen he permitted my children some behavior she never would have allowed with me. “Who are you, and what have you done with dad?”

Those rules, however will be enforced, increasingly, as her capacity for it increases.  For now, a nap on the imagecouch with my ABR adoption, Shelby, seems about right.