Quote Me (a re-post)

If upland hunting over bird dogs interferes with your work, quit work. Dogs don’t point nor birds flush in the cemetery. – American Brittany Guy (apologies to Sparse Gray Hackle)


Skye Update

Watching this dog tonight: if you told me that three days ago Skye had major surgery, I would be hard pressed to believe you.

Her ‘adjustment to pet status’ is out pacing her convelecence. On Wednesday, I picked her up after her surgery and the vet tech said, ‘keep her quiet for two weeks. No problem, I thought. She is still pretty anxious and even in the yard she sticks right with me.  Or used to.

Tonight, before I could stop her, she jumped over a 30″ stone wall to get into the garden and hunt chipmunks with the other two Britts.  No problem, they were just walking around and ‘tracking.’

Then, just that quick she was running in the yard. She has decided that my female, Shelby, is a good buddy for a ‘perimeter check’ on the yard.  

Then, of all things, she decided to playfully harass my male, Nim.  Sheesh.  

Inside she eagerly had a treat with the others.  Another first here.

Finally, everyone is back in the house, preparing for a pre-bedtime map.

Perhaps it’ll be harder keeping hat ‘down’ the next week than I thought.


Skye Update

Last week was marked by daily improvements. She is now eating regularly and indoor ‘accidents’ are getting more infrequent.

Skye endured a new adventure. A long planned trip to Michigan to visit family over the fourth came, and we decided to go ahead and bring her (and the other 2 Britts + 1 Mini Schnauzer) along.IMG_2937

She had her moments. The RV was her ‘safe place’ and she’d retreat in there when feeling anxious. She did well in the midst of a lot of new people and the usual July 4 fireworks via the lake cabin neighbors.

What was most exciting was that on the exercise runs she regularly left my side and explored and ran with my female Britt, Shelby.IMG_2968

She got to sniff out goose feathers, sip lake water, cautiously wade in the lake, back her friend Shelby (who was pointing a mourning dove) and generally learn more about being a pet.IMG_2983

Tomorrow is a big day. I hope it doesn’t send her for too big a loop. She is scheduled for her spay procedure.