Day Five – MI

Took it a bit easy today as I am on the IR from taking a dive in the big swamp my dear friend Mark lead me into. Ironically, He made his way out pretty quickly. Me, not so much. 

Anyway, went to a new spot today that another friend, Roger, told me about.  Good cover.  Today I walked a couple of miles on the two-track, let the dogs quarter on either side.  They got birdy a few times but no flushes and no hard points.

Still, a glorious day in the woods.



Dat Four – MI

Road trip today to see my friend Mark, have breakfast with his church’s Men’s Fellowship group. Then hunted ALL DAY.  Moved many birds, mostly woodcock.  

 The evening he had a meeting, so I set up my ground blind on a corner of a field where the deer ALWAYS come out.  No deer, but I did have coyote(s) right behind the blind and one howling only about 60 yards away.  Hmmm. Wonder why the deer didn’t come play tonight?

Day Three-MI

Got into one of my favorite spots this morning. It is a fairly small covert.  That’s ok because Dad has a fish fry (Canada walleyes) and I want to help get set up.

In about an hour and twenty minute hunt yielded 5 flushes, one was a grouse. Two hard “timberdoodle” in the bag.

Got back to the lake and Dad yelled back into the house: “hey Kathy, change in plans, we’re having woodcock!”  I asked, “how many people are coming?”


MI Day Two

Drove out to my favorite covert today in the Ausable State Forest.  Egads! Some guy beat me too it!  I rolled down the window: “coming or going,” I asked?  “Just got here.”

We had a nice chat about grouse, woodcock, his handsome English Setters (for English Setters anyway), American Brittanys, hard points, and bumping birds.  I told him, “I’ll leave you to this spot.”

For the most part, I know of no greater fraternity than this one. Two guys, four bird dogs.

My dogs and I hunted two more coverts but moved no birds.

That’s ok.  There’s tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that.


First Day

Today we arrived.  As I hear it from my dad’s friend Roger (English setter guy), grouse are at a premium.  Maybe, as per reports, we hit the woodcock migration on time. Will keep you posted.  Dogs are resting up for tomorrow.  Arrived at 6 pm.  All they did tonight was chase geese off the ‘island.’